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Are You Suffering from Dental Pain?

Tooth pain or dental pain is typically caused by various issues with the mouth. The intensity of the pain could vary from mildly bothersome to agonizingly painful. Dental pain treatment options might be as straightforward as ensuring that you follow proper oral hygiene practices or as complex as a root canal. Here at the Milford Dental Group in Milford, MA, Dr. Peyman Beigi or Dr. Nina Raeisian could identify what’s causing you pain and recommend the most suitable solution specific to your case.

What Causes Dental Pain?

Damage to a Tooth: Tooth damage is the number one cause of dental pain. For instance, toot pain could result from broken or chipped teeth from a traumatic injury. Similarly, a damaged or broken dental implant, dental crown, or dental filling could contribute to dental pain.

Tooth Decay: Another common cause of dental pain, tooth decay comes with varying degrees of severity, from tiny cavities to an abscessed tooth. Cavities are basically holes that develop on the tooth that penetrates the tooth enamel and dentin underneath. A tooth abscess, on the other hand, occurs due to an infection of the tooth pulp and nerves. This causes a more intense form of dental pain. If this occurs, your dentist in Milford, MA, may recommend a root canal to save the affected tooth and relieve your pain.

Periodontal Disease: Also called gum disease, symptoms include swollen and painful gums and redness on the affected site. Left untreated, mild gum disease, also called gingivitis, could progress into periodontitis, the most severe form of gum disease, which is more difficult to treat.

When to See Your Dentist

As stated earlier, the treatment for dental will be based on its particular cause. That being said, make an appointment with your dentist if your dental pain:

  • Is severe;
  • Persists for two or more days;
  • Is from a traumatic injury; or
  • Is accompanied by ear pain, fever, or pain every time you close or open your mouth.

Your dentist will help you figure out the source of your pain and related symptoms through diagnostic tests and a thorough physical examination of your mouth, and then suggest treatments that will get rid of your dental pain.

Need Relief from Dental Pain? Contact Us.

Whether you need a filling or root canal therapy to ease your pain, Dr. Peyman Beigi or Dr. Nina Raeisian can help. Call (508) 482-0028 to reach the Milford Dental Group in Milford, MA, and arrange your appointment.

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