Root Canals Give Your Tooth a Second Chance
By Milford Dental Group
May 12, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root canal treatment is a specialized procedure to help remove any infection in the pulp of your tooth and keep your teeth from experiencing any further damage. Dr. Peyman Beigi and Dr. Nina Raeisian at Milford Dental Group in Milford, MA, can help determine if a root canal is the best option to deal with your toothache and save your smile.

How Root Canal Treatment Can Relieve Your Tooth Pain

When the inside of your tooth, also known as the pulp, is infected, it can cause you to experience lasting pain and may distract you from living your normal life. In order to relieve the pain you are feeling, your dentist in Milford, MA, will have to perform a root canal to extract the infected pulp. You may have heard of root canal treatment and how most people have a fear of root canals when really, there’s nothing to fear about a root canal. Root canals don’t cause pain, they help stop the pain and give relief to toothaches.

During a root canal, your dentist will start by numbing the affected area to keep you comfortable during the process. Once the area is numbed, your dentist will create a small opening in the top of the tooth to expose the infected pulp. They will then remove the infected pulp and clean the tooth of all infections. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth will be filled with a material called gutta-percha and then seal the opening at the top of the tooth. Sealing the tooth helps protect it from any future damage and any future infection.

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If you’re struggling with tooth pain, you may want to contact your dentist as soon as possible to figure out if a root canal is necessary. Contact Dr. Beigi and Dr. Raeisian at Milford Dental Group in Milford, MA, today at (508) 482-0028.